How to crack NEET 2017 with Easy Steps

NEET 2017 Cracking Tips

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The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET-UG) is the examination conducted for aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate MBBS/BDS courses all over India.

NEET 2017 Preparation Tips

Most of the medical aspirant asking such question – How can I crack NEET 2017?
Our Expert have ready idea to solve your question about How to crack NEET 2017 with Easy Steps – Read this full story

To crack any entrance exam it takes A LOT OF HARD WORK. By hard work, I don’t mean that you need to study 18 hours a day and stuff.

There are two most important aspects of preparation – consistency and practice. If you are not consistent with your preparation, or are not following a proper time table [1], you will never be able to complete your preparation on time. The syllabus is huge and requires time.

One other thing that I have seen students miss out on is regular practice [2]. A lot of students (especially those who prepare for medical entrance) will just keep reading the textbooks, will keep making (and re-making) notes, but will never sit down to practice real questions. What many students don’t realize is that, when you are solving questions, you are actually learning and memorizing the chapter. Learning in this manner is more easy (and entrance oriented). On the exam day, you need to solve those MCQs and not write an essay, so it is better to become acquainted before-hand.

If you study in a organize way then I am sure you can crack NEET 2017 without any doubt.

You need to make a strategy for your exam and accordingly move with your preparations
Write information you tend to forget in your textbook ie ncert so that every time you read that you will read,that point too.
Do not worry if u r not much talented it will waste ur time despite of this try to make your own ways to learn.
Develop a strong base in fundamental subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Now go through old question papers of AIPMT(name is changed but the pattern is same) and understand the pattern of questions, now you will have some topics that are important.
Finish your NCERT books, as they will help in creating your base. Try to cover the entire 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus for your exam.
Try to bifurcate your time equally among all subjects. Instead of focusing on a single subject, try to prepare all subjects in a methodical manner. Decide a time limit and try to finish all your subjects before that time.

It is your positive way towards goal.

These some suggestions helps you – How to crack NEET 2017 with Easy Steps

1.Read standard books with syllabus.

2. Use only NCERT textbook. Click here best recommended books for NEET

If you wants then saw some standard book as reference.

Diagrams of NCRRT are also important in both AIIMS And NEET 2017 . Last year one diagram of evolution (evolutionary history) came in AIIMS.

3. After classroom , read by yourself so skill will be developed to grasp topics.

4. If you reads any topics , go deeply & know the concept & co-relate with each other by revising previous topic.

5. When you completed any topic, pick up a mcq book to solve questions of that topic , by which you can know your weak portion .

Make separate notes of that portion, in which you feels difficulty more, so you can revise topics before one day of exam.

For example – in the Organic chemistry, learn mechanism of reaction & do multiple step reaction , pay attention on action of reagents .

Make short note of reagents & their actions ,how they work, so that you can revise organic within hours.

6. Use chapterwise mcq books of previous year paper, so you can easily understand the type & pattern of NEET / AIIMS questions.

We will launch a short topics notes of all 3 subject after 4 months on our web .For NEET/AIIMS preparation, follow me & checkout my blog


Take notes, don’t skip tests, and DO EVERYTHING your teachers tell you to do or note down, no matter how pointless it sounds

Try to stay under 1000 ATLEAST, in AIATSs

Revise Everything.

two months before NEET, make a revision schedule and cover everything once

From around end of May, AAKASH will start a part wise test series, with tests almost every 2 days

Re-revise and give those tests

Practice previous year papers as much as you can

Do not prepare for NEET 2017 right now, you can’t possibly cover everything in 6 months.

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